Bengy won’t Duck the Challenge

Bengy won’t Duck the Challenge


Malaysian star Ong Beng Hee has been entertaining his friends on Twitter (@benghee) with imaginary tales of his Roast Duck business operating out of the back of his rusty Fiesta.

A British Open ever-present since 1995, he interrupted his honeymoon to prepare for the Allam British Open, his SIXTEENTH, at a secret location with a secret coach.

We Tweeted some questions to the funniest man in squash and here are the answers.


1: Congratulations on your wedding last week. Please tell us who, where and why?

I’m married to a Chinese-looking girl name Winnie. Strange she has an English name considering she’s Malaysian!! We got married just outside KL in a very nice hotel. Timing wise we always had it planned for May until the British Open almost gate crashed our party!!

2: How did you combine your honeymoon and training for the British Open?

HONEYMOON?? NO honeymoon until I win the British Open!!! Been playing this event since junior days so she’s coming over to watch me play outside Asia for the first time so GOOD LUCK to the referees!! Haha

She’s been GREAT managing mostly so I can train with secret coach in secret location for the past month. We’ll travel after the British Open for a few days so hopefully it’s after the finals!

3: First round draw v Tom Richards on Tuesday. Your thoughts on Tom and the match please?

Playing Tom is always tough. He’s has improved very much and now ranked 16. I’m sure it’s by No fluke he’s there. I look forward to playing him as we’ve some fair and super tough encounters!!

As I’m typing now I’m CARBOLOADING and doing a one hand push up just to prepare for this match!! I’M SOOOO FITTT! pls convey this message to TOM!!

4: Your thoughts on the British Open coming back on the calendar?

As a player NOT being able to play in British open in the past is an absolute shocker!!  So to see it back in de calendar we’re grateful to ALLAM, PSA and ESR for their effort in getting back this prestigious event again and also secure it for 3 yrs!!!

I just wanna win it once!!! nick’s won it twice so he shouldn’t be so greedy!

5: Not too far for you to travel next year when the Open moves to Yorkshire.  Will you be playing or bidding for the catering franchise?

Doesn’t matter where the Brits is held as long its ON the calendar!! Obviously nearer to my secret training location so that will save me some petrol on my secret car.

As long as I’m NOT INJURED and still feel I can compete at the highest level then I will keep trying to win this event!!!

6: Please explain your background as a Roast Duck expert …

Btw there’s NO catering franchise i was only making fun of myself as a CHINESE malaysian on TWITTER being the stereotype kinda guy that loves ROAST DUCK!!

But if truly there’s an opening regarding roast duck franchise DO CALL ME!!!

7: Please tell us about your recent modelling activities, and can we expect to see more?

No modelling career, just fun free publicity for a close friend of mine who owns a SLIMMING business called BZBODY!

Just showing off my HUGE HUGE biceps that are as BIG as Nicol David’s! All REAL, no photoshop!!!