After five days of play at the Coolhurst Club, fifteen British Open Champions were crowned ...

British Open Masters champions crowned at Coolhurst

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It’s the last day at the Coolhurst Club, and fifteen British Open Champions were  crowned today … 

Mens Over 70: Adrian Wright beat Mo Khalifa 9-0 9-1 9-3 in 19m

Adrian Wright took little time in claiming this O70’s final against Mo Khalifa. Wright came storming out of the blocks and quickly took a 9-0 before coming out for the second and taking that one 9-1. Khalifa just didn’t have enough time to make his shots and hurt Wright, Wright stayed focused and took the third 9-3 to win 3-0 in just under 20 minutes.

Mens Over 75: Pat Kirton beat John Woodliffe 0-4 9-2 4-9 9-3 in 32m

Pat Kirton saw off his long time friend and nemesis John Woodliffe in the Mens Over 75 Final. Pat got off to a great start and took the first game 9-4 and continued that into the second game which he took 9-2. Woodliffe came back to take the third but he couldn’t get infront in the fourth and Kirton stormed ahead from 5-3 to take the game 9-3 and the title.

Mens Over 65: Chris Goodbourn beat Chris Ansell 9-5 9-0 9-5 in 22m

Chris Goodbourn clinched the Mens Over 65 title without dropping a game the whole tournament. Chris Ansell was his opponent in the final today and despite a valiant effort he didn’t have enough to push Goodbourn. A very close first game was won 9-5 by Goodbourn as he moved Ansell to each corner of the court, this tactic seemed to work well as the second game was won much easier 9-0, with Ansell needing to catch his breath after the efforts of the first. The third game Ansell gave it everything, including some great nicks but Goodbourn was too good today and moved Ansell around the court well, 9-5 in the third in just over 20 minutes.

Mens Over 60: Keith Jones beat Moussa Helal 9-1 9-2 9-1 in 18m

Keith Jones claimed the Mens Over 60 title with little fuss today. His opponent Moussa Helal just couldn’t get into it. Jones had a great start and took the first game 9-1, Helal gave a better account in the second game but was unable get close to taking it as Jones pushed on to take it 9-2. Jones now full of confidence came out in the third and made very few mistakes, not letting Helal get close as he closed out the game, winning the third 9-1 and the Over 60 trophy in just under 20 minutes.

Mens Over 55: Peter Alexander beat Rena Stofer 9-1 Rtd in 10m

Peter Alexander won his Mens O55 final in record time, unfortunately it was due to his opponent, Rena Stofer withdrawing after the first game through injury which Alexander took 9-2 in 10 minutes.

Mens Over 50: Mark Woodliffe beat Greg Pearman 9-4 9-2 9-4 in 35m

The Mens O50 final was a superb display of technique and sportsmanship. The ever present Mark Woodliffe was hoping to add another masters title to his collection however local favourite Greg Pearman was not going to make it easy for him. Pearman made Woodliffe work for every point however just couldn’t seem to win any for himself and after Pearman levelled the first game 4-4 only managed another 2 points until the third game losing the first two 9-4 and 9-2. Woodliffe, volleying well turned up the pressure on Pearman in the 3rd and won it 9-4 making it 3-0.

Mens Over 45: Fredrik Johnson beat Murray Scott 9-4 10-8 9-0 in 39m

Swedens Fredrik Johnson took on British O45 Champ Murray Scott and there was plenty of energy on court for this one. Lots of running, lots of straight drives and cross courts until an opportunity presented itself. Johnson took the first 9-4 and then was leading 8-4 in the second only for Scott to come back to take it to set 2. Johnson took the next two crucial points and took the advantage.

In between that game and the next, while Scott caught his breath and re focussed, Johnson was busy changing the grip on his racket! It seemed to do the trick as he ran back onto court and started the third game with a determination to win and kept the pace very high. Johnson stormed ahead and never looked back, claiming the third 9-0 and his first O45 British Open title.

Mens Over 40: Jamie Goodrich beat Jesus Souto 5-11 11-5 11-7 11-9 in 43m

Jesus Souto started where he left off in the Mens Over 40 final against Jamie Goodrich as he raced into an early lead and kept it until he closed the game out 11-5. Goodrich however had other plans and came out fighting in the second, it was point for point until 4-4 when Goodrich stepped it up and took it 11-5. The next two games were very close but it was Goodrich who took the points that mattered near the end with 11-7 and 11-9 wins to take the match and the title.

Mens Over 35: Omar El Borolossy beat Steve Richardson 11-3 11-9 12-10 11-3 in 60m

In time old tradition, the last final to go on the showcourt, the Mens Over 35 final between Omar El Borossy and Steve Richardson turned out to be the longest of the day and took exactly an hour. El Borolossy started well and rushed into an 11-3 lead. If he had any thoughts of an easy match ahead they were soon forgotten at the start of the second as Richardson matched him point for point until the business end of the game where El Borolossy sneaked it 11-9. An even tighter match followed, with Richardson determined to fight back as he took a tie break 12-10. Richardson couldn’t keep that pace up and El Borolossy took control again in the fourth game and from 5-3 up he never looked back as he took the game 11-3 and his first ever Masters title.

Womens Over 35: Wendy Maitland Jones beat Katie Lawrence 9-0 9-2 9-7 in 27m

Wendy Maitland Jones continued her fine form today as she took on Katie Lawrence. Maitland Jones was too strong for Lawrence today, her shots hit hard and accurate and once she got in front did not give her opponent much to go on at all. The first two games were taken in dominant fashion 9-0 and 9-2, Lawrence gave it everything in the third and gave a much better account of herself but couldn’t get over the finish line as Maitland Jones took it 9-7 and the match in 27 minutes.

Womens Over 40: Claire Walker beat Beverley Mackay 9-3 9-3 9-0 in 19m

In the Women’s Over 40 final Claire Walker was in control throughout. Beverley Mackay gave it her all but she couldn’t make an impact today with Walker too dominant. A 9-3 9-3 9-0 score line in 19 minutes saw Walker crowned Women’s Over 40 Champion.

Womens Over 45: Rina Einy beat Bea de Dreu Spitse 3-9 9-7 9-2 4-9 9-7 in 53m

The Women’s Over 45 final was a real battle between two determined players, Bea de Dreu Spitse and Rina Einy. De Dreu Spitse took the early lead only for Einy to take the next two games and the advantage. Points were matched until 4 all in the fourth before de Dreu Spitse took control and the next 5 points on the trot, 9-4 and headed into the fifth. Again, the players matched each other point for point as they edged near the 50 minute mark, it was Einy that had that little bit extra and she pushed on to take the fifth game 9-7 and the match 3-2.

Womens Over 50: Mandy Akin beat Fiona McLean 9-3 9-7 9-7 in 22m

Mandy Akin managed to stop another female Scottish Master picking up a title as she defeated Fiona McLean in three. Akin took a fairly comfortable first game 9-3 and was then pushed in each game following however she had enough to see them out to take the match 3-0 and claimed her Women’s O50 Masters trophy in 22 minutes.

Womens Over 55: Pauline Douglas beat Jacky Gardner 9-4 4-9 9-6 9-0 in 35m

The Women’s Over 55 final saw a good contest between Jacky Gardner and Pauline Douglas. Douglas took the first game 9-4 before a more determined effort saw Gardner level at a game apiece. Another closely contested game followed with Douglas taking the advantage 2-1, Douglas then kept the pressure up and took control in the fourth game, storming ahead by 5 points before losing a serve. Gardner just couldn’t get a foot in the game and Douglas kept going, 9-0 in the fourth to take the Over 55 trophy back to Scotland.

Womens Over 60: Bett Dryhurst beat Averil Murphy 8-10 9-2 5-9 10-8 9-2 in 52m

Not content with one marathon match this weekend, Bett Dryhurst fancied another as she battled with Averil Murphy for the Women’s Over 60 title. Murphy took the early advantage after coming back from 8-4 down to clinch a set 2 10-8. Dryhurst replied with a 9-2 before Murphy took that advantage back with a 9-5. With Murphy 2-1 up they head into the fourth and matched each other point for point until yet another set 2 was called, Dryhurst took the next 2 points through grit and determination and levelled the scores at two all. Both players continued to fight, but it was Dryhurst who was taking the points when it mattered, and after 52 minutes it was Dryhurst who claimed the fifth game 9-2 and the O60 crown.