Countdown 1: Daryl Selby

Countdown 1: Daryl Selby

Selby draws Ramy Ashour in first round
Countdown interviews by Alan Thatcher

Daryl in action in last night's PSL final1: Monday 3pm: first round against Ramy Ashour. This must feel like a final in the first round. What are your thoughts on the draw?

Playing Ramy in the first round is obviously one of the toughest draws I could have got, especially being number 9 and one away from being seeded! He is in great form and it’s good to have him back on the tour playing well, no one wants to see someone so talented injured.

It’ll be our first competitive match and I’m looking forward to it, just a shame we’re not in the prime time slots in the evening so most of my friends and family won’t be able to support.

2: Without giving too much away, you must be working on a plan of attack. What can you share with us?

Well I’m certainly not going to out ‘nick’ him! I always go into my matches with a game plan, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but I hope this time I can pose him some serious problems.

3: What are your thoughts on Ramy as a player?

Ramy is without doubt a unique athlete. His hand speed is phenomenal and the way he plays is a joy to watch. On his day he can be the best player in the world, but the World number one spot goes to the player who is best throughout the year not just in some of the tournaments.

4: How do you feel about the Open returning to London?

I’m extremely excited that the British Open is back in London. I remember going to watch back in the nineties and loving it. I just really¬†wish I get to play more than one match!