Masters on Tuesday – Semi-Finals

Masters on Tuesday – Semi-Finals

Tuesday saw all the Masters Semi Finals played at Coolhurst Squash Club, below you will find the results and report from each category, and at the bottom a photo gallery of the day.

Mens Over 75

The Mens Over 75 Semi Final saw the top two seeds progress through. Brian Phillips gave it his all but he just didn’t have enough to get past Mo Khalifa who was too skilful and took it in 3 after 27 minutes. Adrian Wright took on Chris Stahl in the opposite half, Stahl came flying out of the blocks and went up 9-4 only for Wright to completely dominate the second and take it 9-0. A 10-8 game followed and it was Wright who held his nerve to take it, he then pushed on and took the fourth game 9-4 to move into the final.

Mo Khalifa bt Brian Phillips 9-4 9-7 9-4 in 27m

Adrian Wright bt Chris Stahl 4-9 9-0 10-8 9-4 in 39m

Mens Over 70

The Mens Over 70’s semi’s were two very different matches. First up was Pat Kirton and he was in a ruthless mood today as he took on the relatively unknown Stephen Patridge. Kirton didnt hesitate in showing why he was the top seed and took only 11 minutes to record a devastating 3-0 victory without dropping a single point. The other Mens Over 70 match today was very different as John Woodliffe took on Lance Kinder. Woodliffe took the first, with Kinder taking the second. The third game was won 10-9 by Woodliffe which gave him the upper hand going into the fourth game which he duly took 9-4 in 45 minutes!

Pat Kirton bt Stephen Patridge 9-0 9-0 9-0 in 11m

John Woodliffe bt Lance Kinder 7-9 9-3 10-9 9-4 in 43m

Mens Over 65

The Mens Over 65 Semi Finals were also similar to the O75’s with two very different matches. First Martin Pearse took on Chris Ansell, Pearse moved into a good lead taking the first two 9-3 and 9-1. Ansell came out fighting in the third and managed to take a tight game 9-7 and then dominated the fourth game winning 9-0. The advantage was now with Ansell as they moved into the fifth and final game, both players gave it everything and matched each other point for point until at 6-6 Ansell pulled away to take the game 9-6 and put himself in the final. He will now face Chris Goodbourn, who booked his final spot after a comprehensive 3-0 win over Mike Clemson. Despite Clemsons willingness to run and retrieve from each corner he just didn’t have enough to test Goodbourn today.

Chris Ansell bt Martin Pearse 3-9 1-9 9-7 9-0 9-6 in 44m

Chris Goodbourn bt Mike Clemson 9-0 9-2 9-5 in 20m

Mens Over 60

The Mens Over 60 Semi Finals saw Keith Jones tested by Ronnie Bell, Jones took the first 9-6 then fought to win the second 10-8. Bell then came out with determination to take the 3rd game 9-3 but couldn’t keep it going as Jones came back stronger to take the 4th and his final spot 9-5 after 42 minutes. He will now face Moussa Helal who had a see saw battle with 9/16 seed Ian Graham. Helal took the first 9-6 then both players took turns to take a game each until it went into the fifth. Helal held his nerve and took the points that mattered to book his final place after 52 minutes!

Keith Jones bt Ronnie Bell 9-6 10-8 3-9 9-5 in 42m

Moussa Helal bt Ian Graham 9-6 7-9 9-1 3-9 9-4 in 52m

Mens Over 55

Unseeded Rena Stofer continued his excellent run in the Mens Over 55’s as he comfortably took out Rustom Bativala in just over 30 minutes. Stofer now has one more seed to dispatch if he is to be crowned Champion and that man is Peter Alexander who also had little trouble getting past his opponent Duleep Adhihetty. Alexander started very well and took the first two games with ease, Adhihetty fought in the third but didn’t have enough to take the game as Alexander won 3-0 in 29 minutes.

Peter Alexander bt Duleep Adhihetty 9-1 9-0 9-7 in 29m

Rena Stofer bt Rustom Bativala 9-6 9-3 9-1 in 33m

Mens Over 50

Mark Woodliffe made his way to the Mens Over 50 final with a comprehensive win over John Cordeaux. Woodliffe was too strong throughout and didn’t give Cordeaux much chance to play and took it 3-0 in 27 minutes. He will face Pearman who had a far easier time in his semi final against Jonas Gornerup. Pearman took the first 9-2 but then Gornerup unfortunately couldn’t continue and had to retire. Gornerups previous two matches have been brutal 5 setters and they were bound to catch up with him at some point, unlucky for him it seems the semi final was one match too many this week.

Mark Woodliffe bt John Cordeaux 9-2 9-4 9-1 in 27m

Greg Pearman bt Jonas Gornerup 9-2 Rtd in 6m

Mens Over 45

The Mens Over 45 Semi Finals saw the two longest matches of the tournament so far, one of them was down to a blood injury but the other was purely down to two very good squash players who never know when they are beaten. The top half of the draw saw Swedens Freddie Johnson take on Eamonn Price, 77 minutes followed and of course it went to 5. Price took the early advantage by winning the first only for Johnson to reclaim it taking the next two, Price again to take the fourth which was more brutal than the 9-2 scorline suggests and then onto the fifth game which lasted 16 minutes and ended in a 9-1 win. It was Johnsons day and it will be him that contests the final tomorrow against British National  Champion Murray Scott. Scott took on McLoughlin and both battled well, Murray took the advantage going 2-0 up before McLoughlin pulled one back. In the fourth an accidental racket to Scotts face forced a long blood injury. Scott was eventually patched up and returned to court bandaged up round the face and head but that didn’t deter him from the task at hand as he duly took the fourth game 9-6 after a total of 90 minutes.

Fredrik Johnson bt Eamonn Price 4-9 9-3 9-6 2-9 9-1 in 77m

Murray Scott bt Stephen McLoughlin 9-5 9-2 2-9 9-6 in 90m

Mens Over 40

In the Mens Over 40 Semi Finals John Hanson put in a tremendous effort to take Number 1 seed Jamie Goodrich to 4 games, Goodrich won the first two games before John Hanson managed to win the third 12/10. Goodrich soon regrouped to book his place in the final winning the fourth 11/7. His opponent in the finals will be Jesus Souto who beat Nick Lavery 3-0. Souto won the first 2 games with confidence 11/4 and 11/2, Lavery fought back in the third however Souto prevailed winning the third 11/7. The Spaniard looks like a strong contender in the final as he is yet to drop a game on the way to the final.

Jamie Goodrich bt John Hanson 11-7 11-5 10-12 11-7 in 44m

Jesus Suoto bt Mark Steeden 11-4 11-2 11-7 in 40m

Mens Over 35

Omar El Borolossy continued his run in the Mens Over 35 as he stopped Mike Gregory in three in just 22 minutes. Hoping to stop El Borolossy claiming the title tomorrow will be Irelands Steve Richardson who comfortably beat Christian Donelan in straight games also. Both top seeds look to be in a class of their own and the final should be a great match to watch for the racket skills these two possess.

Omar El Borolossy bt Mike Gregory 11-4 11-9 11-2 in 22m

Steve Richardson bt Christian Donelan 11-2 11-4 11-4 in 24m

Womens Over 35

The Women’s Over 35 Semi Finals saw Katie Lawrence take out the top seed Lisa May. Lawrence didn’t get off to the best of starts as May took the first game 9-2 but from then on it was all Lawrence as she took control and won the next three in 29 minutes. In the bottom half Wendy Maitland Jones dominated her game and only dropped one point as she defeated the number two seed in 20 minutes. The Women’s O35 final will now be the only final that is contested without a seed involved.

Katie Lawrence bt Lisa May 2-9 9-4 9-5 9-1 in 29m

Wendy Maitland Jones bt Keeley Seamons 9-1 9-0 9-0 in 20m

Womens Over 40

Claire Walker will head to the final of the Women’s Over 40 as she defeated Alison Goy in three. Goy struggled in the first game and went down 9-1 but then got into it in the second and pushed all the way but couldn’t convert the points that mattered as Walker took the second 10-9. The third was also a tight game but again, Walker was too strong and took it 9-7 and the match 3-0 in 26m. In the bottom half of the draw Beverley Mackay moved into the final courtesy of a walkover from Sam Mueller, unfortunately Mueller had to withdraw due to family reasons.

Claire Walker bt Alison Goy 9-1 10-9 9-7 in 26m

Beverley Mackay bt Sam Mueller Walkover

Womens Over 45

The Women’s Over 45 saw Bea De Dreu Spitse claim victory over Jo Brown, De Dreu Spitse looked strong and was in a comfortable lead but something was right with Brown and she eventually had to retire from the match. De Dreu Spitse will now face Rina Einy in the final after she overcame Julia Dolman. Einy started well and looked in control throughout as she won 3-0 in just under 20 minutes.

Bea De Dreu Spitse bt Jo Brown 9-4 9-0 Rtd in 13m

Rina Einy bt Julia Dolman 9-3 9-4 9-5 in 19m

Womens Over 50

Mandy Akin faced off against good friend Karen Hume in the Women’s Over 50 Semi Final, Hume competed well but didn’t have enough to trouble Akin who progressed with a 3-0 victory. The bottom half Semi saw Fiona Mclean move into the final after defeating Tammy Bennett. Bennett put up a good fight and almost took the first that went to a set 2, but from then on it was McLean who took control and sealed a 3-0 win in 32 minutes.

Mandy Akin bt Karen Hume 9-4 9-5 9-1 in 30m

Fiona McLean bt Tammy Bennett 10-8 9-4 9-6 in 32m

Womens Over 55

Two well contested Semi Finals were played in the Women’s Over 55 category as Jacky Gardner faced Susan Meadows and Lynne Davies took on Pauline Douglas. Gardner went two love up and looked comfortable until Meadows won the third 9-7 but she couldn’t stop Gardner from coming back into it and it was Gardner who took the fourth 9-5. Douglas took the lead in her game before Davies fought back to take a very tight second game 9-8, much like the other match, Davies couldn’t keep the momentum going and Douglas came back to claim the next two and after 40 minutes was named the victor.

Jacky Gardner bt Susan Meadows 9-4 9-0 7-9 9-5 in 28m

Pauline Douglas bt Lynne Davies 9-6 8-9 9-5 9-3 in 40m

Womens Over 60

Bett Dryhurst came through a brutal Semi Final in the Women’s Over 60 as she battled with the number one seed Rebecca Czuczman. Five setter, 50 minutes and 3 of the 5 games were set point games! This match was so closely contested you couldn’t pick a winner but it was Dryhurst who held her nerve and took the fifth game 9-5 to clinch a spot in the final. There she will meet Averil Murphy who had a slightly easier time as she took on Barbara Sanderson. Murphy was too strong and moved into the final with a 3-0 victory in 17 minutes.

Bett Dryhurst bt Rebecca Czuczman 5-9 10-8 9-10 10-9 9-5 in 50m

Averil Murphy bt Barbara Sanderson 9-5 9-1 9-2 in 17m