Monday, Masters Day Three

Monday, Masters Day Three

Day Three, Update #2:

The late MO55 game saw Peter Alexander progress to the finals with little trouble. He was in control the whole match and defeated Hardy while only dropping two points in 24 minutes.

Peter Alexander bt Stuart Hardy 9-1 9-1 9-0 in 24m

In the men’s over 45 quarter-finals there were easy straight games victories for Fredrik Johnson and Eamonn Price against their respective opponents. The game between Steve Evans and Murray Scott was a dramatic one. Evans took the first comfortably with a 9-4 win. And, after a long halt due to an injury to Evans, the game finally re-started with a strong switch in momentum as Scott won the 2nd 9-0 and Evans never really recovered and Scott took full advantage and completed a 3/1 win in a tightly contested tie. McLoughlin was the last man to book his place in the semi finals after taking 62 minutes to overcome Marc Aldridge. 3-1 sounds a lot easier than it was, with McLoughlin taking two of his games 10-8!

Mens Over 45 Results
Fredrik Johnson bt Colin Payne 9-2 9-2 9-3 in 26m
Eamonn Price bt Peter Lonsdale 9-2 9-0 9-0 in 25m
Stephen McLoughlin bt Marc Aldridge 9-6 10-8 5-9 10-8 in 62m
Murray Scott bt Steve Evans 4-9 9-0 9-3 9-4 in 75m

Mens O45 Semi Finals:
[1] Fredrik Johnson v [3/4] Eamonn Price
[2] Murray Scott v [3/4] Stephen McLoughlin

Men’s over 40s quarter-finals kicked off with Jamie Goodrich taking on Simon Street. In a tightly contested first game Goodrich was victorious winning it 11/7. Goodrich went in to the 2nd game with the momentum and finished it off in fine style and completing a comfortable 3/0 win.

In a game that started off as a close affair between Jesus Suoto and Simon Street, Suoto won it comfortably in the end and progressed through to the semi-finals along with John Hansen and Mark Steeden. Steeden’s victory came against Nick Lavery who put up a very good fight until the 3rd game where a lapse in concentration gave Steeden a 3/1 win.

Mens Over 40 Results
Jesus Souto bt James Powley 11-6 11-4 11-4 in 32m
Jamie Goodrich bt Simon Street 11-7 11-4 11-5 in 25m
Mark Steeden bt Nick Lavery 11-7 8-11 11-9 11-1 in 41m
Jesus Souto bt James Powley 11-6 11-4 11-4 in 32m

Mens O40 Semi Finals:
[1] Jamie Goodrich v [3/4] John Hanson
[2] Jesus Souto v [5/8] Mark Steeden

Omar El Borolossy booked his place in the men’s over 35 semi-finals with a comfortable win against Jago Nerdelli. In the 2nd over 35 quarter-final, in a tight affair Steve Richardson emerged victorious against Don Haruzi. Mike Gregory also booked his semi-final place defeating Damian Smith in straight games.

Day’s penultimate and perhaps the most enthralling match was between Christian Donelan and Nick Staunton. In a fast paced game with both men attacking right form the word go, this game was destined to go right down to the wire and it didn’t let us down. In a see saw battle, the match went to 2-2 with both men still playing precise attacking shots. In the final game, Donelan pulled of the victory and booked his place in the semi-finals in exactly an hours’ time with Staunton just missing out.

Mens Over 35 Results:
Omar El Borolossy bt Jago Nardelli 11-2 11-4 11-2 in 23m
Mike Gregory bt Damian Smith 11-6 11-5 8-11 11-6 in 47m
Cristian Donelan bt Nick Staunton 14-12 9-11 9-11 11-7 11-8 in 60m
Steve Richardson bt Dov Haruzi 11-7 8-11 11-4 11-9 in 34m

Mens O35 Semi Finals:
[1] Omar El Borolossy v [5/8] Mike Gregory
[2] Steve Richardson v [5/8] Christian Donelan

The Tournament’s first women’s game saw Beverley Mackay up against Jillian Lilico in the over 40s category. Mackay picked up a 3/0 win and progressed through to semi-finals in just over 20 minutes. The other match in that category saw Sam Mueller come from 2-0 down to beat Isabelle Tweedle 3-2 in 55 minutes!

Women’s Over 40 Results
Beverley Mackay bt Jillian Lilico 9-5 9-5 9-5 in 21m
Sam Mueller bt Isabelle Tweedle 8-10 5-9 9-3 9-3 9-3 in 55m

Women’s O40 Semi Finals:
[1] Claire Walker v [3/4] Alison Goy
[2] Sam Mueller v [3/4] Beverley Mackay

In the Women’s Over 50 category the second seed Fiona McLean was tested in the first game but came through 10-8, from then in she was in control and took the next two quite easily. She will now face Tammy Bennett who came back from being 2-0 down against Lesley Sturgess. Sturgess came storming out of the traps early on and took a great lead, but then later confessed that her legs had gone which gave Bennett the edge. 55 minutes that one took! Bennett will now face McLean in the semi-finals. In the other half Karen Hume also came through a tough first game against Helen Browning which she took 10-9 but then got in control of the match and took the next two with ease in 25 minutes to book a semi-final against her long-time friend Mandy Akin for the first time ever in a tournament!

Women’s Over 50 Results
Karen Hume bt Helen Browning 10-9 9-3 9-1 in 25m
Tammy Bennet bt Lesley Sturgess 1-9 3-9 9-7 9-1 9-2 in 55m
Fiona McLean bt Jill Campion 10-8 9-4 9-2 in 27m

Women’s O50 Semi Finals:
[1] Mandy Akin v [3/4] Karen Hume
[2] Fiona McLean v [3/4] Tammy Bennett

Only two women’s over 55 games today, Susan Meadows defeated Linda Coertze in straight games to book her place in the semi-finals, as did Lynne Davies against Elke Rubsam.

Women’s Over 55 Results
Susan Meadows bt Linda Coertze 9-3 9-7 9-0 in 16m
Lynne Davies bt Elke Rubsam 9-0 9-5 9-5 in 24m

Women’s O55 Semi Finals:
[1] Jacky Gardner v [3/4] Susan Meadows
[2] Pauline Douglas v [3/4] Lynne Davies

[note]Updated Draws:
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Women O40  |  Women O50  |  Women O55 [/note]

Day Three, Update #1:

As we get in to the business end of the Allam British Open masters with the quarter finals taking place today. The day kicked off with Keith Jones in the men’s over 60s category defeating John Rae in a relatively one-sided game 3/0 in 21 minutes without much hassle.

Ronnie Bell is also through to the semi-finals, beating Stephen Jackson despite losing the first game as he came back to win the next three games somewhat easily. He played delightful shots and managed a win in just over 25 minutes. Ian Graham continued his fantastic run as he beat 5/8 seed Larry Grover in a very tightly contested game. Graham came through in the end despite a mini fight back from Grover and won 3/1.

In the last quarter-final game in the men’s over 60s category Howard Cherlin was against Moussa Helal and it turned out to be an intriguing and gruelling game with both men contributing to a great game of squash. The match involved some amazing, shot making from both men. Moussa Helal emerged victorious in the end and he said after the game; “it’ very difficult to fully concentrate in a game against Howard as he’s so skill full.” Helal completed a 3/0 win in 31 minutes.

Mens O60 Quarter Final Results
Keith Jones bt John Rae 9-5 9-3 9-1 in 21m
Ronnie Bell bt Stephen Jackson 4-9 9-0 9-2 9-2 in 27m
Ian Graham bt Larry Grover 10-8 9-1 9-10 9-3 in 50m
Moussa Helal bt Howard Cherlin 9-7 9-6 9-7 in 31m

MO60 Semi Finals:
[1] Keith Jones v [5/8] Ronnie Bell
[2] Moussa Helal v [9/16] Ian Graham

In the men’s over 65s, Christopher Ansell came through in a very well contested game. The first was a tight affair and by winning that, the momentum was with Ansell which carried him through as he defeated David Hardern. Top seeds, Martin Pearse, Mike Clemson and Chris Goodbourn are also through to the semi-finals winning their respective games.

Mens O65 Quarter Final Results
Martin Pearse bt Thomas Elves 9-3 9-3 9-1 in 23m
Christopher Ansell bt David Hardern 9-7 9-5 9-3 in 25m
Mike Clemson bt David Garrett 9-2 9-6 10-9 in 29m
Chris Goodbourn bt Anthony Clifford 10-9 9-1 9-6 in 29m

MO65 Semi Finals:
[2]Martin Pearse v [3/4]Chris Ansell
[1] Chris Goodbourn v [3/4] Mike Clemson

The men’s Over 70 quarter-finals concluded shortly after the 65s. Chris Stahl and Adrian Wright both sailed through against their opponents. In the other men’s over 70 quarter-final tie Brian Phillips beat Nigel Belle 3/1. Phillips took a 2-0 lead, Belle pulled one back but Phillips was too strong for in the end as he won the match in 42 minutes.

Mens Over 70 Quarter Final Results
Brian Phillips bt Nigel Belle 9-1 9-4 8-10 9-3 in 42m
Chris Stahl bt David Bloch 9-3 9-3 9-4 in 18m
Adrian Wright bt John Whalley 9-4 9-0 9-2 in 18m

MO70 Semi Finals:
[1] Mo Khalifa v [3/4] Brian Phillips
[2] Adrian Wright v [3/4] Chris Stahl

Just the one Over 75 quarter final tie today whereby Lance Kinder defeated Malcolm Gilham in 41 minutes and booked his place in the semi-finals.

Mens Over 75 Quarter Final Results
Lance Kinder bt Malcolm Gilham 9-3 8-10 9-4 9-1 in 41m

MO75 Semi Finals:
[1] Pat Kirton v Stephen Partridge
[2] John Woodliffe v Lance Kinder

With the Alexander-Hardy match delayed until later today and Adhihetty receiving a walkover from the injured Goodrich it’s only the bottom half of the draw that saw any action this afternoon. Rustom Bativala booked his semi final place as he overcame Ian Holmes with a straight forward 3-0 win in 27 minutes. The unseeded Rena Stofer versus the second seed Mark Cowley produced the match of the draw so far. Stofer took the first game 9-2 only for Cowley to level the games at 1 each. Lots of hard rallies followed and Stofer took a 2-1 lead. An excruciating 10-8 game in the fourth followed and it was the unseeded Stofer who has progressed after 45 minutes. He now goes into the semi final against the 3/4 seed Bativala and must fancy his chances of making the final.

Mens Over 55 Results

Peter Alexander v Stuart Hardy (delayed until 17.30)
Duleep Adhihetty bt John Goodrich walkover
Rustom Bativala bt Ian Holmes 9-6 9-2 9-3 in 27m
Rena Stofer bt Mark Cowley 9-2 6-9 9-7 10-8 in 45m

Mens O55 Semi Finals:
Alexander/Hardy v [3/4] Duleep Adhihetty
Rena Stofer v [3/4] Rustom Bativala

The Mens Over 50’s quarter finals were a mixed bag, Woodliffe progressed with a 3-0 win despite a 10-9 second game that could’ve gone either way, had Hurford taken that it could’ve swung things his way but it wasn’t to be. John Cordeaux had little trouble against Les Chaplin much the same as Pearman against Rollington, both Cordeaux and Pearman recording 3-0 victories dropping little points and neither being on court longer than 20 minutes. We have also had another great run from an unseeded player in this draw, with Jonas Gornerup continuing his fine form by defeating 5/8 seed James Ockwell. Gornerup took a great 2-0 lead before Ockwell replied taking the following two. Gornerup came back, determined not to lose and duly took the game 9-6. He will now face Pearman in the semi finals.

Mens Over 50 Results

Mark Woodliffe bt Dermot Hurford 9-4 10-9 9-3 in 33m
John Cordeaux bt Les Chaplin 9-0 9-2 9-1 in 16m
Jonas Gornerup bt James Ockwell 9-5 9-7 2-9 3-9 9-6 in 46m
Greg Pearman bt Simon Rollington 9-3 9-1 9-0 in 18m

Mens O50 Semi Finals
[1] Mark Woodliffe v [3/4] John Cordeaux
[2] Greg Pearman v Jonas Gornerup