National Champion Waters Relishes Allam British Open Opportunity

National Champion Waters Relishes Allam British Open Opportunity

SH_043We caught up with British Champion and world number five Alison Waters during a recent training squad in Manchester to find out why the British Open is just so special …

What does it mean to you to play in the Allam British Open?

Watching the British Open is one of my earliest memories. I remember when I was younger going to Wembley to watch and one day wanting to play in it.

The British Open is one of the most important tournaments on the calendar, it’s one of my favourite events and one I really want to win.

SH_042At last year’s event you had just come back from injury, how do you now feel going into May’s tournament?

I can’t believe it has been a year since I came back from my Achilles injury. Last year I was still almost getting used to being back playing in tournaments and experiencing all the tournament feelings. Whereas now I have had a good year under my belt, got my ranking up to five and had some good results. I definitely feel like I have come back a better player and am now ready for every situation that a game can throw at me. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in, in May.

How do you think the women’s game has changed and developed over the last few seasons?

I think Nicol raised the bar in terms of fitness levels and for a few years no one really matched her. Now everyone is fitter and stronger and the game has definitely changed. Also the Egyptian players have taken the game to another level, as they hit winners from all over the court and so it’s made the game faster and more attacking.

SH_041Why do you think people should come and watch the tournament in Hull?

Hull is going to be a great venue with the later women’s rounds being held at Hull Football Club on the pitch. The court set up sounds amazing and with it being the first time in Hull it’s going to be a great event. You have the best players in the world fighting it out to get their name on the trophy so there will be lots of exciting and memorable moments…I’m sure of that!

As National Champion do you feel expectations are high going into the tournament?

No I don’t look at it that way. I will just go into the event knowing that I’m playing well and feeling confident and literally take it round by round. No matches are easy and everyone is eager to do well so if I know I’m feeling good and playing well then there is no reason why I can’t do well in the competition. I’m just really looking forward to it. It’s exciting!

What makes the British Open so special?

The history that goes with the British Open is the key to it being so special. There are so many great names on the trophy and I would love to get my name on it. Also it’s great playing in your home country with all the home support. We don’t have many events in the UK so it’s really nice when we do and hopefully the crowd will get really involved and get behind us all.